Proace City with racking for industrial automation service

Everything you need in very little space: an ideal Syncro System solution for small vans

It’s quite amazing what can be done with racking and accessories even in a small van: with just a few key elements, the Syncro team can exploit all available space, keep everything in order and improve the looks of any load compartment. The golden rule is to always find the solution that best satisfies the needs of the customer. This rule is valid for large vans and even more so for small vehicles, in which Syncro installers face a tougher but even more stimulating challenge! This page shows an example of a Toyota Proace City owned by a business that specialises in industrial automation systems. The racking system is a simple one, but it nevertheless accurately reflects the needs expressed by the van’s owners and translates them into practical and functional solutions.

Bodywork protection for the Proace City

In the first phase of this project, the Syncro team protected the interior of the Proace City’s bodywork with a marble-look plywood floor liner and painted steel panels for the walls and doors. But what are these liners for? For a start they greatly extend the working life of the van’s bodywork by protecting it against dents and scratches and the sort of damage caused by wear and damp. But that’s not all. Liners also provide secure anchorage for the racking and accessories, so that the van’s original walls are not subjected to stress and do not need to be drilled. This means a far better resale price if you decide to sell your van.

Racking for an industrial automation firm on just one side of the Proace City

All the racking in this Proace City is installed along the left side and consists of:

  • a floor-level compartment with a case transport kit consisting of an end plate against cases can be secured and a metal bar at the rear, to which a lashing strap is secured by an attachment with a locking knob
  • four case trays with an action similar to that of the two metal drawers alongside, both of which are fitted with non-slip mats and space dividers to keep small items in order
  • a simple top tray that runs the entire length of the cargo compartment

Accessories in the Toyota Proace City

The owners of this van requested two accessories. The first is a slider bar at the bottom the bulkhead, for use with hooks and lashing straps. This simple accessory is ideal for securing materials and objects of any size and shape: just adjust the strap as needed and you can carry just about anything. The second accessory is a powerful LED ceiling light that the customer asked Syncro to install to illuminate the inside of the van. Of course, additional cargo retaining or cleaning accessories can be installed at any future time. Many Syncro accessories can be fitted easily by the van’s owner using the holes in the racking side panels. Lighting, security and ventilation accessories, on the other hand, should always be installed by an authorised Syncro dealer to ensure conformity to the relevant standards!

Other Syncro solutions for small vans

In this particular Proace City, the customer’s needs were fully satisfied by installing racking on just the left wall, but many other solutions could have been adopted to utilise 100% of the space available. Here are some other popular ideas for fitting out small vans.

Would you like a similar racking system or are you looking for something completely different?

If you own a Toyota Proace City, Peugeot Partner or Opel Combo and think that a one-side racking system is the ideal solution for you, show this page to our team!

If you want to see other racking solutions for the Proace City, start here. If it’s racking for an industrial automation business that you are after, take a look at a solution in a Doblò here and one in a Ducato here.

Don’t waste any more time! A Syncro System racking solution improves efficiency and saves you valuable time!





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