A Mercedes Vito for installing electrical systems

A Syncro racking solution in a Vito used to install electrical systems

The Mercedes Vito is an extremely popular van with tradesmen who specialise in installing and repairing electrical systems. As a vehicle, it is compact, agile and versatile. And with the right racking, it can be turned into an extremely effective mobile workshop. The photos on this page illustrate a Vito with Syncro System liners and racking on both sides, complemented by cleaning and cargo retaining accessories.

Liners for the Vito

The first concern of the Syncro System team was to protect the Vito’s bodywork. They therefore offered the owners a choice of products and materials to keep the van in great condition for years to come. Syncro can install liners in a range of materials: plywood or aluminium tread plate for the floor and bulkhead, and steel or aluminium sheet or honeycomb plastic for the walls and doors. The owners chose to fit this van with a marble-look plywood floor liner and with painted steel panels for the walls and doors.

Syncro racking on the left of the Vito

The racking on the left of the van occupies about half the wall in length, and consists of:

  • a floor-level compartment over the wheel arch, partly enclosed by a door that folds down to provide unrestricted access – a solution that ensures plenty of ventilation while keeping materials securely inside
  • two metal drawers and two case trays with Galaxy clear plastic cases; both drawers and trays are mounted on ball-bearing runners for maximum extension and easy access: Galaxy transparent cases are lightweight, tough and stackable and come with plastic trays in different colours that serve as internal compartments for keeping small items separate
  • two shelves, the first with a raised panel at the rear to stop items falling down behind
  • at the top, a cabinet of transparent tilting containers with metal dividers in the centre

More drawers and shelves from Syncro on the right of the Vito

The racking on the right of the van is simpler and consists of a floor-level compartment identical to that on the left, a set of five metal drawers (one large and the others smaller) and two configurable shelves with non-slip mats and internal dividers.

The Vito’s accessories

Turning a commercial vehicle into an efficient working partner requires careful choices. This can be seen from the accessories that Syncro System has installed here. In this Mercedes Vito for an electrical business, you can see:

  • two rail, hook and strap lashing systems fixed vertically to the left side racking
  • a spray can rack and a paper roll holder on the left racking side panel, at the rear doors
  • a cargo lashing system made up of a bar with hooks, straps and sliding fittings on the free section of left side wall

Cargo retaining accessories are indispensable for securing quickly and effectively items of cargo that are too large to fit inside standard racking elements like drawers, shelves and compartments.

Need to transform your own Vito?

If this is the sort of racking system you need for your own Mercedes Vito, just show it to the team at your nearest Syncro dealer and ask them to make whatever changes or additions you need. If you want to see other racking solutions for the Vito, start here.

You can find racking solutions for electricians in different vans here: Partner - Berlingo - Doblò - Caddy - Custom - Jumpy

Contact Syncro System now! Syncro racking systems are always fully customised, so you can rest assured your needs will be 100% satisfied!





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