Three special racking systems for the fire brigade / 3

Here is the last of the three special racking systems installed by Syncro System’s Udine dealer for the province’s fire brigade. The series began with a solution for a Fiat Fullback pickup and continued with a racking system for a Volkswagen Crafter. This third van is another Crafter, but with completely different interior equipment and racking.

A complete lining system for the Crafter

The choice of a different lining solution shows that this van will be used for a completely different purpose to the other Crafter described in our previous news article. In this van, the floor is covered with a plywood floor liner with a marble-look finish, while the side walls and doors are protected by steel panels. The other Crafter, as you will remember, was equipped with a rubber-coated plywood floor liner and aluminium chequer plate panels.

Left side

On this side of the van, the Syncro team has installed a workshop area with storage for tools and equipment alongside. The racking on this side comprises:
  • marble-look plywood work bench with raised sides and back to stop parts and tools placed on it falling down behind or to either side; the workbench is served by power sockets connected to the vehicle’s battery to permit the use of electronic devices and power tools
  • a series of metal drawers in two different sizes, six shallow ones for small parts and hand tools and another six deeper ones able to contain larger items
  • wall-mounted cabinets containing ten tilting transparent containers directly above the workbench
  • three configurable shelves with non-slip mats and space dividers
  • a floor-level compartment with an automatic case retaining shuttle
  • a full-length top tray with a door at the rear, for carrying long objects
  • Right side

    The right side of the van is fitted with just one column of racking. The main feature on this side is three shelves, all with gas-spring action doors. A pull-out bench with a steel vice is fitted between the floor-level compartment and the first shelf. This extremely useful accessory occupies virtually no space when stowed: only the vice remains outside the racking when the bench is pushed back into its frame. This racking column is completed by a top shelf that provides useful storage space right up the van’s roof.

    Accessories: cleaning and cargo retention for maximum functionality

    Accessories play a fundamental role in this VW Crafter operated by the Udine fire brigade. Two types of accessory have been installed:
  • cleaning accessories ;
  • cargo retaining accessories
  • Cleaning accessories These are installed on the left rear door and the side panel of the left racking and consist of a handwash kit with water bottle and tap, a soap dispenser and a paper roll holder. . Cargo retaining accessories Accessories of this type serve to secure equipment and materials of all shapes and sizes for transport in complete safety. A rack on the floor near the left rear door holds a metal jerry can for carrying fuel or oil with no risk of accidental spillage when the van is moving. The bulkhead is fitted with two parallel rails with lashing straps and attachments that can be positioned wherever needed to secure objects of any shape and size.