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Fold-away shelves for vans

Syncro System presents a tailored solution for express couriers and anybody who needs a flexible load space in their van. Syncro’s fold-away shelves open effortlessly and take up zero room when closed.

Syncro System’s new fold-away shelves are sure to revolutionise the work of anybody who uses their van for door-to-door collection and delivery of mail, packages and boxes, and anybody who needs a flexible cargo space!

Requirements: space, flexibility, security, simplicity

Express couriers load packages of different size, weight and bulk into their vans every day, and often have no idea what sort of load they will be carrying the day after.
This is why a courier’s van needs a racking system that guarantees maximum flexibility. Racking that is ideal today might be useless tomorrow.
Syncro System’s fold-away shelves are the perfect answer, and here is why:

  • they can be installed in any number between 2 and 15, depending on whether you want to use one, two or all three of the walls in your van, and also depending on your van’s size;

  • the structure consists of two lateral uprights and a plywood shelf in a metal frame that pivots on a lift-and-rotate hinge and is supported by steel wires;

  • opening and closing the shelf are quick and easy operations, and once closed, the shelf takes up no space at all;

  • every shelf comes with two rail and strap cargo retaining systems: one on the van wall behind the shelf, the other underneath the shelf itself;

  • each shelf is fully independent: you can fold down any shelf as needed, leaving the others closed, or choose any open/closed combination.

Shelf characteristics

The shelves slope down slightly towards the wall, helping to ensure the stability of the items carried on them. Packages can nevertheless also be secured during the journey by retaining straps attached to metal rails on the underside of the shelves and between the uprights.

The upright + shelf structure is particularly lightweight thanks to intelligent design and the use of carefully selected materials.
Folding down a shelf is easy! Just lift it gently upwards and rotate it outwards and down. The shelf locks in place at just under 90° to the wall. Folding the shelf away requires the opposite movement: rotate the shelf upwards and inwards until it drops securely into its seat. A final click tells you that the shelf is properly closed.

Don’t miss this great chance to make your daily work easier! Fit Syncro fold-away shelves to keep your cargo tidy and secure!