An Opel Combo for a heating and plumbing business

Transforming a small van: so many options from Syncro System

The Opel Combo illustrated in the photos on this page was fitted out by Syncro System for a plumbing business that specialises in heating and air conditioning systems, water circuits, sanitary ware, gas appliances and fire prevention systems. The van in question is an L2 version but is still a small van and easy to manoeuvre even in city centres and narrow streets. Its cargo compartment is not particularly large but nevertheless more than fit for purpose if functionally equipped. And this is exactly what Syncro did, by designing and installing a simple but effective racking system with underfloor drawers and shelving only on the left of the van.

The Combo’s key feature: underfloor drawers

The underfloor drawer system installed in this Opel Combo incorporates a steel frame strong enough to support the weight of a walkable raised floor and three drawers of 134 centimetres in length, two accessible from the back of the van and one from the side door. Syncro underfloor drawers are mounted on ball-bearing runners and look exactly the same as the drawers found in vertical racking configurations though they are, of course, much larger in size. They are fitted with a handle in the front panel that incorporates the drawer release, and are held closed by an automatic retaining mechanism. Inside, underfloor drawers are fitted with washable non-slip mats to stop contents sliding around when the van is moving. They can also be fitted with metal space dividers to create separate compartments for keeping tools, spare parts and consumables separate. With underfloor drawers, you:

  • multiply the floor area of a small van
  • benefit from generous, hidden storage
  • have a raised floor on which to install conventional racking

Racking on the raised floor

The raised floor over the drawers forms the base for the racking configuration that satisfies the remaining storage needs of the plumbing firm that owns this Combo. At floor level, we have a case compartment with a lashing strap, an extremely versatile way to carry cases of different shapes and sizes. Over this is a configurable shelf and a shelf of removable plastic containers alongside. This second shelf is equipped with a high-strength steel frame to hold the containers securely in place. The three containers on the shelf can be further partitioned to create separate compartments if desired. The racking column is topped off by another shelf that runs the full length of the racking column.

Free floor space in the Combo

By concentrating storage space in underfloor drawers and a single column of racking on the left of the van, Syncro was able to leave most of the floor completely free for carrying bulky tools and equipment of all kinds.

Ways to make this Combo even more efficient

This plumbers’ Opel Combo is already super-functional, but there is still plenty of scope for making it even more efficient:

  • By fitting lining panels, the right wall could provide effective support for cargo retaining accessories like a slider bar, which can be equipped with hooks and lashing straps, movable and adjustable hooks, neodymium magnets or universal clamps.
  • The racking side panels could be equipped with cleaning accessories or tool racks.
  • Painted steel or aluminium chequer plate liners could be fitted to the rear doors to carry other useful accessories like a handwash kit or paper roll holder.
  • A custom-made roof rack could be installed to carry equipment on the Combo’s roof.

Would you like underfloor drawers in your van?

If you think underfloor drawers could make your own small van more functional, get in touch with a Syncro racking centre now for an obligation-free quote.

nd remember… the system will be custom-made for your own van! Browse other Combo racking solutions on this page.

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