Indestructible Ecoflow

Want to know what indestructible means? Watch this video!

It seems incredible, but it’s true. This amazing video was made by the company that produces Ecoflow power stations to demonstrate the extreme reliability of their products. The tests depicted in the video are anything but “normal”... but despite the extreme conditions to which Ecoflow is subjected and the incredible loads, temperatures, humidity and shock it has to withstand, the unit just keeps on working.

The power station is frozen to -15°C for 12 hours in a block of ice.

It is left out in the pouring rain for 10 minutes.

It is placed under the wheels of a car, withstanding an average weight of 275 kg.

It is dropped down a flight of stairs.

It is dragged over rough ground behind a vehicle.

It is surrounded by exploding firecrackers.

It is repeatedly exposed to flames at 1840 °C.

The only damage visible after all this treatment are dents and scratches in the outer casing. The unit continues to function exactly as it was designed – delivering power in all logistic situations!

What is Ecoflow?

Not yet familiar with Ecoflow?

Ecoflow is a power supply that comes in an elegant (and obviously highly resistant) case. Each unit incorporates a battery, battery charger and inverter and boasts a practical carry handle.

Its key features include:

  • rapid charging 
  • option for eco-friendly charging from photovoltaic panels
  • easy integration in Syncro System van racking

Learn all about Ecoflow here.

Integration in Syncro racking

Syncro System now offers Ecoflow power stations in its van racking and accessories catalogue. If you want to install an Ecoflow unit in your van, you can even ask Syncro to design a special frame. The power station can be located on the floor, ideally protected by a dedicated frame, or on a shelf at any height, held securely in place by straps and hooks.

Look here to see how Ecoflow has already been integrated in mobile workshops.