A Daily L2h2 with Ecoflow

A Daily L2h2 transformed into a mobile workshop with Ecoflow

If you are planning to use your van as a mobile workshop, you need to be fully autonomous. You will have to carry with you hand tools, power tools, accessories, spare parts and everything else necessary to work away from base. Just as important, you will also need to be autonomous in terms of energy. The vehicle illustrated on this page is a good example of how all these requirements can be satisfied with a Syncro System van conversion. The van in question is an Iveco Daily L2H2 fitted with a 3600 W Ecoflow Delta Pro power station. Let’s take a closer look.

A complete set of liners for the Iveco Daily

The first step in this conversion was to protect the bodywork of the Daily. The vertical surfaces were covered with pre-shaped, pre-drilled panels made at the Syncro System factory in Cassola near Vicenza. The floor was covered with a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface, itself protected by non-slip metal profiles at all exposed edges. The unlined sections of the walls and doors were lined with prepainted steel panels.

Open shelves and enclosed compartments in the Daily’s storage area

Both sides of this Daily L2H2 have been fitted with racking to transform the vehicle into an effective workshop on wheels. On the left side, we have a series of configurable shelves with non-slip mats and raised rear panels. The areas at floor level are equipped in different ways: the rearmost is fitted with a lift-up door to convert it into a generous storage compartment while the forward area has been equipped with a bar, a lashing strap and a sliding attachment to convert it into a multi-functional case transport compartment. The cabinets at the top contain pull-out transparent plastic containers for carrying small spares and sundries. The rear left door is equipped with two cleaning accessories: a water tank with tap and a soap dispenser with holder. A paper roll holder on the rearward side panel of the left racking completes the van’s cleaning accessories.

Two compartments near the bulkhead, one above the other, house the equipment that makes the van fully autonomous.

The most powerful Ecoflow unit for uninterrupted operability

The Delta Pro power station (a black suit-case-like unit) is housed in the bottom compartment and held in place by a metal bar. This is the most powerful model in the Ecoflow range and serves a multiplicity of functions, including battery charger, lithium battery, and pure sinewave inverter. This particular model delivers 3600 W of power and incorporates a 3600 Wh battery: in other words it can run electrical equipment drawing this amount of power for a whole hour before recharging is needed. The Ecoflow power station can be recharged from the mains when the van is back at base, thanks to a socket in the side of the vehicle. The upper compartment contains a 1700 W, 330 l/min oilless compressor. If you want to know more about the models in the Ecoflow range, go to this page.

The bulkhead: an important area in the Daily

The compressor is connected to a hose reel fixed to a section of slider bar at the top of the bulkhead. The hose can be unwound to supply compressed air outside the van for blowing equipment clean or inflating tyres.

The bulkhead is also fitted with another two sections of slider bar. These are located lower down and equipped with hook and strap cargo lashing systems. A multi-socket near the van’s side door is connected to the Ecoflow power station and allows a number of power tools to be used simultaneously.

Ample storage on the right of the Daily L2H2

The racking on the right side of this Daily consists of a floor-level compartment with a lift-up door, a total of ten metal drawers, all with non-slip mats and internal space dividers, and two configurable shelves at the top. The work area is also located on this side, at the rear doors, and consists of a fold-away vice bench. Once extended, this provides a generous and stable work surface complete with a metal vice.

And on the roof… signalling systems and cross bars

Don’t forget that a big van also has a big roof! Syncro can make use of this to install a roof rack, side fences and even pipe carriers and ladder slides. As you can see from these photos, the roof can also be used to install a warning beacon for use on site or at the roadside.

Need to make your van more autonomous? Take a look at the Ecoflow range.

Whatever the make and model of your van, if you need greater autonomy from its electrical system, take a look at the Ecoflow range and discover the full potential of these portable power stations, alone or combined with one or more batteries.

If you would like to see other racking solutions for the Iveco Daily, start here. We also suggest viewing our lining solutions for the Daily and the many possible combinations of roof accessories for the Daily.





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