An environmental services company’s Iveco Daily with a ramp

A special racking solution in an Iveco Daily for an environmental services company

Every Syncro racking system is customised to suit the needs of the user, but certain solutions are special indeed. These uniquely efficient van workshops often include items of the customer’s own equipment, incorporated in ways that draw on the vast experience of Syncro’s expert installers.

The transformation of this Iveco Daily L4H2 is a good example. Syncro came up with this solution for a company that provides environmental services for the city of Venice. The van is thoroughly lined and has with a unique racking configuration complete with accessories, cargo lashing systems and an access ramp. The Syncro team has effectively turned a standard van into a 100% efficient workshop on wheels.

A complete lining system: safety and cleanliness on board

Protecting your van’s bodywork extends its working life and keeps it in tip-top condition for years to come, saving you time and money for repairs. Liners should always be chosen to suit the intended use of the van. They also need to be installed first, so that the elements of racking can be anchored to them.

This Daily L4H2 is fitted with a floor liner in aluminium tread plate and plywood bulkhead liners with a marble-look resin finish. The doors and walls are protected by aluminium panelling that is easy to clean and brightens up the inside the van too.

Fully customised racking on the left of the Iveco Daily

Various Syncro racking elements are installed on the left side of this Iveco Daily along with special containers that belong to the company. This is how the space has been organised:

  • A suspended shelf has been installed using metal profiles to form a custom-made support fixed to the top of the van’s body. The shelf itself is in stainless steel and is therefore ideal for transporting cans of liquid without spillage and drips.
  • The forward side of this shelf is fixed to a racking column that comprises two plain shelves arranged with their flanges facing up, a third configurable shelf with a lift-up door, and another shelf at the top.
  • Two sections of Syncroblock bar have been fixed to the wall liners to hold the lashing strap systems that secure the two large boxes with lids that the van carries.

Racking and accessories on the right of the Iveco Daily

The right side of this Iveco Daily has been left almost completely free for the rearmost one third of its length. The central section houses a floor-level compartment with a door. This is covered by a marble-look plywood worktop that can either support items of cargo or serve as seat during on-site operations. A shelf with a fold-down door at the rear runs along the top of this wall for the two front sections.

Syncroblock bars have been installed in the two rear sections for use with cargo lashing straps and hooks. The section of wall nearest the side door is equipped only with a metal rail and a heavy-duty strap to secure a large plastic tank on wheels used to transport waste oils.

The bulkhead: firm anchorage for Syncro’s cargo retaining accessories

The bulkhead is equipped with two sections of rail and heavy-duty lashing straps to secure another large plastic tank with wheels.

A loading ramp: less effort, greater safety and a more professional image

A loading ramp has been installed to facilitate the movement of the large tanks listed above. The selected model of ramp features a pivot mounting that allows it to swing to one side when folded to permit access to the cargo compartment.

With a van access ramp:

  • loading and unloading heavy equipment and containers on wheels becomes easier and safer
  • handling heavy cargo requires far less effort from operators and is safer too

Syncro System supplies only top-quality products from the Italian ramp manufacturer WM. Ramps come in various sizes and models to suit the make and model of van. Load capacity depends on the intended use.

Syncro accessories: the essential finishing touches to any racking system

This Iveco Daily is equipped with some of Syncro’s most useful and popular accessories:

1. Cleaning accessories: on the left wall, at the rear doors, are a soap dispenser and a water tank with tap for washing hands, both in dedicated holders. On the right wall, facing them, is a paper roll holder.

2. Cargo retaining accessories: in addition to various sections of Syncroblock bar, this van also has a fire extinguisher bracket installed where it is readily accessible from the rear doors.

3. Other accessories: a first aid kit is fixed to the right-side wall just forward of the paper roll holder and a powered step has been added to facilitate access at the side door.

4. Lighting accessories: LED ceiling lights have been added under the roof to illuminate the interior. LED spotlights with magnetic base have also been installed under the roof, one at the rear doors, one at the side door. The van has also been given a powerful LED light bar, facing outwards.

A sheltered external work area thanks to a Syncro veranda

A veranda has been installed along the left side of this Iveco Daily. Syncro recommends this type of solution whenever a van user needs an external workspace that is protected against the sun and rain. Veranda depths start at 250 cm.

Do you need a highly specific van conversion? Syncro System has the answer to your needs

Get in touch with Syncro System even if your requirements go well beyond the ‘normal’ and nobody else can help you. Our mission is to see you leave our workshops with a van that is perfectly equipped to meet your needs and our customer satisfaction rating approaches 100%!

To help you make up your mind… take a look at these other special racking solutions installed by Syncro.





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