A racking solution for a utility company’s Daily

A racking solution for a utility company’s Daily L2H2

The Iveco Daily has long been a favourite with utility companies. Its spacious and practically shaped interior is ideal for even complex racking systems. In the van seen here, both side walls have been fitted out, with a clear division between the work area on the right and the storage area on the left. A number of useful accessories have also been added on the doors, racking side panels and bulkhead to make this workshop on wheels even more functional. Let’s take a closer look!

Syncro liners for the Daily

Syncro System liners are essential if you want to preserve your van’s bodywork against dents and scratches. The floor liner in this Daily is made from plywood with a marble-look finish. The panels that protect the bulkhead are made from the same material. The walls and doors, on the other hand, are lined with painted steel panels.

Containers and lockers on the left of the Daily

The left of the van is fully occupied and provides a variety of enclosed and open storage compartments plus a number of important details:

  • a floor-level compartment with a lift-up door
  • two double-door van lockers for storing work clothes and footwear along with items of value
  • a high-level shelf with a top-pivot door
  • a bin compartment with removable bin
  • a shelf with a raised back panel and a lift-and-rotate door for maximising storage capacity
  • a number of case trays and a shuttle-type case compartment at floor level
  • a cabinet of pull-out transparent containers
  • a full-length top tray with an access door at the rear

A work bench with drawers and a vice bench on the right of the Daily

The right of the van has been transformed into a great work area. A floor-level storage compartment with a lift-up door and four metal drawers support a work surface in marble-look plywood with raised rear and side edges. The work top is illuminated by an LED light and complemented by a fold-away bench with a metal vice and built-in support. At the top, a cabinet of tilting transparent containers (six large and twelve small) provides ample and easily visible storage for small parts and spares.

Syncro System cargo retaining accessories on the bulkhead

The Daily’s bulkhead has been kept free for carrying bulky materials or equipment. The bar and strap with sliding fittings at the bottom allows even heavy objects to be transported in complete safety. A second bar at the top of the bulkhead is equipped with two cable holders that can also be used to carry hoses.

Sideways-opening drawers: a space-saving solution from Syncro

Three sideways-opening drawers are readily accessible from the side door. These drawers extend along the side of the van and are unique in the Syncro drawer range as they are the only type to come in a dedicated cabinet. They represent a great storage solution for special situations, for example when access to tools is needed without having to climb into the vehicle.

Accessories, inside…

This Daily L2H2 racking solution is completed by the following cargo compartment accessories:

cleaning accessories: a handwash kit, a liquid soap dispenser and a paper roll holder

cargo retaining accessories: two multi-purpose pockets and a bar rack with plastic clips.

In addition, inside the cab we have an organiser – an extremely useful accessory for keeping all those items that otherwise always get in the way, like cargo lists, pens, glasses, mobile phones and bottles.

…and outside

On the van’s roof, over the rear door, we find two essential accessories for working in poor lighting conditions: a rotating beacon and a powerful LED light bar arranged to illuminate the area behind the van. The light bar comes in a temperature and weather-resistant aluminium casing.

Looking for a racking system for a utility company?

Syncro System has installed many different racking systems for utility companies, and often in a Daily. Here are some examples: Transporter - Doblò - Daily - DailyL4 - Daily2.

You might also find inspiration from other racking solutions for the Daily: start looking on this page.

Get in touch with your nearest Syncro dealer. Our experts will be happy to devise the perfect racking solution for your needs!





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