An Iveco Daily L3H2 equipped for servicing machines

A racking system in an Iveco Daily for servicing and repairing industrial machines

The photo gallery on this page illustrates a large van that Syncro System fitted out for a company that repairs and services fork lifts, overhead platforms, earth moving machinery and agricultural, industrial and construction machinery in general. The vehicle in question is an Iveco Daily L3 H2, a model with plenty of space and opportunities for installing racking. The customer wanted a racking solution covering all three walls.

Custom interior liners for the Daily

Before starting to install any racking or accessories, the van’s floor and bodywork were first protected to prevent damage. The original floor, made only from thin sheet steel, was covered by a Syncro System plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface and protective steel edges. The edge profiles protect the plywood against water and dirt and against damage from heavy footwear, while simultaneously increasing grip and improving safety for the van’s users. The walls and doors are lined with custom-made painted steel panels.

The left of the Daily: drawers and shelves

The van’s left side wall has been equipped with two columns of racking. One of these protrudes into the cargo compartment slightly further than the other but both offer plenty of storage space for equipment, tools and other objects. This is a list of the storage on the left of the Daily:

  • a floor-level compartment with a lift-up door – a smart way to turn the awkwardly shaped space around the wheel arch into useful storage
  • five drawers with internal space dividers and non-slip rubber mats
  • seven configurable shelves with space dividers
  • a cabinet of 12 pull-out transparent containers – a great storage solution for small spares and components as they let you see exactly what is inside without having to open them, even when installed at the top of the racking
  • a sealed stainless-steel tray for carrying jerry cans

The right of the Daily: lockers

The racking configuration along the Daily’s right wall is characterised by two elements in particular: two different-size lockers. The larger is located towards the front of the van while the smaller is nearer to the rear doors. Both are fitted with a double latch locking system with key to deter would-be thieves and can be fully customised internally using various kinds of horizontal element. Larger lockers are generally used to store work clothes and footwear and are therefore often equipped with coat hanger bars and a shoe shelf at the bottom. The right-side racking also includes two floor-level compartments with lift-up doors, four drawers and four shelves, providing enough storage space to satisfy most needs.

The Daily’s work bench

An Iveco Daily for repairing and servicing machinery needs a workshop area too, and in this particular van, the area chosen was the bulkhead. Here, we find a large plywood work bench complete with raised edges at the sides and rear, supported by a structure consisting of four drawers and two small shelves. In the corner of the van, at the top, is an inverter for transforming DC power from the battery into AC power for electrical equipment.

Accessories for the Iveco Daily

This Daily is equipped with only a few accessories, but these have been carefully chosen:

  • a section of milled bar at the bottom and a cable holder at the top of the rearward side panel of the left racking
  • a large paper roll holder on the corresponding side panel of the right racking
  • a second cable holder and two sections of bar with rubber profiles alternating with a length of milled bar on the forward-facing side panel of the right racking, arranged to secure potentially bulky loads using hooks and lashing straps (a panel of aluminium tread plate has been added on top of the plywood floor liner to reinforce and protect it where heavy loads are likely to be located)
  • a series of low-energy LED ceiling lights to illuminate the interior of the vehicle
  • a handwash kit with a soap dispenser on the left rear door for cleaning hands and tools

Want a racking system for your own Daily? Just ask Syncro!

This page provides other examples of Iveco Daily racking solutions. In particular, here you can see another Daily operated by a firm that also services industrial machinery.

If you own or are planning to buy another make and model, elsewhere on this website you can find photo galleries of racking systems for machine maintenance firms with other vans too: Crafter - Doblò - Ducato - Transporter

Arrange an obligation-free consultation now from your nearest Syncro System dealer and discover the ideal racking solution for your own van!





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