A nice example of Iveco Daily for a building firm

A mobile warehouse in a construction firm’s Iveco Daily

A construction company’s vans can fulfil two different roles: they can be used as practical transport to take the site manager quickly to all the locations that require his attention, or they can serve as mobile storage for all the tools and materials needed in a day’s work on site.

The Daily Iveco L3H2 seen on this page is obviously intended to serve in the second of these roles, thanks in part to the vehicle’s large size! Using experience derived from over 90,000 van conversions since 1996, the Syncro team began work on this project with the objective of satisfying every one of the requests expressed by the customer during consultations. The resulting solution features racking on both sides of the van and plenty of room left over for carrying consumables, tools and even large items of cargo. To learn more, just carry on reading!

Bodywork protection: never do without!

All Syncro System installers, wherever they work around the world, will give the same answer to the question “Is it really so important to line the interior of my van?” “Yes. Absolutely. It’s something you can’t do without.” By lining the floor, walls, doors and, if you wish, every other exposed surface, your van will stay in as-new condition for far longer, saving expensive bodywork repairs. And if you decide to trade in you van, a body that is free from scratches, dents, holes and rust will get you a far higher re-sale price too. This particular Iveco Daily is fitted with a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface and protective metal profiles on all exposed edges. The doors and walls are lined with custom-made panels in high-strength steel.

Syncro System racking on the left of the Daily

The racking on the left of the Daily takes up only part of the space available – an arrangement mirrored by the racking on the opposite side. This configuration was chosen by the customer to permit quick and easy access to material for unloading on arrival at the construction site. The configuration consists of:

Everything clearly visible and in perfect order thanks to Syncro racking

The racking on the right of the van consists of a number of shelves. The first, located just over the wheel arch is an open model fitted with one of Syncro System’s patented lift-and-rotate doors. Further up are four configurable shelves, all with mats and internal dividers, the highest being enclosed by a top-pivot door. The column is completed by a top shelf. This arrangement keeps everything in clear view and instantly accessible while maintaining perfect order and saving valuable time during the working day!

Cargo retaining systems: essential accessories for working on the move

The Iveco Daily L3H2 is equipped with plenty of cargo retaining accessories. On the left side we can see a bar rack with a lashing strap while a fire extinguisher bracket and a paper roll holder are visible on the right. On the bulkhead are two lengths of SYNCROBLOCK slider bar installed in parallel. The lower of these is equipped with a lashing strap with hook attachments while the higher one has a series of movable hooks. Finally, another type of accessory greatly improves this van’s usability: LED lights fixed to the cross-members under the roof to provide uniform illumination throughout the cargo compartment in all outside light conditions.

Do you own a construction business? Worried about efficiency? Syncro System can help you work more effectively and save you time and money too.

If you own a construction business and need your van – or vans – to become more effective and more useful for your day-to-day work, take a look at these racking solutions. If your van is an Iveco Daily, start here for model-specific ideas.

Call, write or simply drop in to fix an appointment for an obligation-free consultation. With thirty years of experience behind us, we really can transform your needs into incredibly practical solutions!





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