Yet another Fiat Scudo with racking for an electrical system installer

An electrician’s Scudo with a fully customised racking solution from Syncro System

Syncro System has the perfect solution for all vans and all users. Our secret lies in never losing sight of your working requirements and in satisfying your needs down to the smallest detail. The van seen on this page is a small Fiat Scudo L1H1 owned by an electrician who specialises in home automation, alarm and photovoltaic systems.

The Scudo’s fully customised lining system

When it comes to protecting your van’s bodywork against damage, the wisest choice is always to install a complete set of liners over the original floor, walls and doors. Only in this way can you ensure effective protection against scratches, dents and damp for all interior surfaces. The Fiat Scudo seen in these photos is equipped with:

  • a floor liner in rubber-coated plywood with various characteristics that make it unique on today’s market: recessed cups for the original anchor rings, protective edge profiles in stainless steel for maximum mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, and spacers carefully positioned underneath to ensure a stable and walkable floor surface without sagging where the liner is not supported by the ridges in the van’s original floor
  • marble-look plywood panels on the bulkhead, shaped to follow the contours of the bodywork from floor to roof and with custom-made panels covering the changes in slope
  • steel panels on the walls and doors for maximum strength even in the event of an accident

Transparent containers, shelves and a vice bench on the left of the Fiat Scudo

Despite its compact dimensions, this electrician’s Fiat Scudo has been transformed into a mobile workshop with everything needed for the job in hand. The racking on the left of the van starts with two floor-level compartments, the first with a lift-up door and the second with a strap-type case transport kit. Over these are two configurable shelves and, further up again, a series of Syncro’s patented pull-out Multibox transparent containers with perfectly flat fronts and automatic latch and release buttons. At the very top is a set of large tilting containers with internal space dividers. Both types of container are made from the same ultra-strong transparent plastic: PMMA.

Between the floor-level compartment and the configurable shelf, Syncro has installed a pull-out bench with a robust metal vice.

The right wall: how Syncro racking can optimise space

Every inch of space has been fully exploited on the right of this Fiat Scudo too. Thanks to the addition of one of Syncro’s patented lift-and-rotate doors, the area at floor level has been turned into a practical storage compartment. Above this are two trays with metal cases and two large metal drawers with non-slip mats and internal dividers. Another configurable shelf tops off the main column.

A cabinet of transparent pull-out containers has been fixed to the wall at the very top, exploiting the last few inches under the roof while remaining within easy reach.

A wide range of accessories in the electrician’s Scudo

The van accessories in the Syncro System catalogue can greatly improve the functionality of any vehicle but are especially useful in small vans like this Scudo. In this van the bulkhead is fitted with two lengths of Syncroblock multi-purpose slider bar. Both can be equipped with various types of cargo retaining accessory. The photos show that the bottom section has been fitted with lashing straps and hooks. Two cable holders are installed at the top of the bulkhead.

Syncroblock slider bar is an exclusive Syncro System product and can be used with a vast range of accessories to carry or secure all kinds of material and equipment. Three spray can racks and a paper roll holder have been fixed to the rear-facing side panels of the racking.

An excellent way to make use of the roof

If there is not enough space to carry bulky cargo or equipment inside your van, remember that Syncro System roof racks are fully customisable and can carry everything you need in complete safety.

The Ultrasilent roof rack on this particular Fiat Scudo has been equipped with a single, damped-action ladder slide and a round-section, aluminium pipe carrier.

Trust Syncro to give your business a boost! Syncro racking gives you a far more professional image too!

A recent customer satisfaction survey shows that nearly 100% of Syncro System customers are fully satisfied with the racking system they receive. So book a no-obligation consultation with Syncro’s racking specialists now and see your own needs transformed into a custom racking solution in next to no time.

You’ll find yourself working more efficiently, saving time and money and presenting yourself to your customers in a far more professional manner. You can trust Syncro. We’ve specialised in producing and installing van racking since 1996!

Take a look at some of the many racking solutions illustrated on our website, for the Fiat Scudo or for electricians, then call or mail us straight away!





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