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Designer Syncro System upfit, custom conversion with shelving and drawer units, interior paneling for the new Custom L2 H1: mobile workshop fit-out on this mid-size Ford.


In 2012 the market saw a new entry from Ford – the Custom, not only a brand new van but a first for Ford in the mwb van category. This compact panel van is available in two wheelbase lengths and two roof heights. It is a leading-edge model, at the top of its class in terms of maintaining Ford reliability while keeping costs down. Ford believes that a working van should be solid and dependable; keeping you on the road, not in the shop.

As always, with the launch of any new van, the Syncro Group immediately mobilized to study and design all the upfitting solutions for whether you need a fully functional mobile workshop or practical transport and delivery van.

Syncro's vast product line offers a variety of practical solutions for interior paneling and lining for the Custom: from wooden or aluminum floor panels to interior wall and door paneling in aluminum, steel or plastic, to bulkhead and wheel well coverings. All precision cut with CNC machinery facilitating rapid installation – saving you both time and money. You'll also find a wide range of racking components, roof racks, ladder racks, accessories, and ramps.


For this upfit, as with almost all conversions that we do, we were asked by the client to protect the load space. To do this, the Syncro technicians mounted the 12mm resin-coated Custom L2 plywood floor panel complete with anti-slip steel borders along the edges where the van doors open.
We then protected the walls and side door with laser-cut, pre-coated, galvanized steel sheets.
The lining not only protects the original van body but also creates solid surfaces for mounting the racking components.
Lets look at the racking system: on the left-hand side of the van, the wheel arch is protected with wheel arch base frame with front door panel, turning the space into practical storage. Above that we mounted a drawer unit with three large steel drawers (with ball bearing glides, individual automatic locking system, rubber mats and aluminum dividers) and specialized tray for storing two portable organizer cases for small parts and fittings, complete with removable plastic mix & match mimi-bins.
Above the drawer unit, we mounted a shelf with raised sides (lower towards the front) also complete with rubber mats and dividers.
Moving towards the bulkhead, we added a second base frame housing the Syncro safe storage system for portable cases with aluminum track, strap and clasp.
Above that, we installed a steel drawer (76 cm wide and 20 cm tall) with double ball bearing glides. And above still, a shelving unit containing a single shelf. Along side, we see a metal locker which, for this upfit, contains a powerful 1000 Watt inverter complete with two GEL batteries. The batteries are charged by the van's alternator which, due to the inverter, provides stable 220 volts of electric energy.
Just above the locker, we placed a third shelf also complete with rubber mats and dividers. Along the very top of the racking unit, we find one of Syncro's most lauded products: a long shelf with raised sides for transporting elongated objects like tubes, rods or pipes.
Moving on to the right-hand side of this Custom L2 H1 … we started by mounting a 126 cm wheel arch base frame. Above that, drawer unit with 20 clear plastic drawers (each divisible in 3 separate compartments using the aluminum dividers provided). On top of the drawer unit, we placed a second drawer unit with 10 forward-tilting clear plastic drawers (also complete with dividers).
We mounted a third drawer unit, on top of the first two, with 10 more forward-tilting drawers.
All drawers are extremely sturdy thanks to their PMMA construction, and all come with individual automatic central locking mechanism.
Using the dividers, our clients can organize the drawer space in the way that best fits their needs. In this upfit, it is possible to have up to 60 individual compartments.
In the Syncro catalog, you'll also find a huge selection of accessories. For this upfit, we mounted the paper towel roll holder in steel (to the bulkhead), the aluminum hanging cable holder (extremely practical for sewer snake camera tubing and extension cords), and a spray can holder.
Last but certainly not least, we mounted a folding down worktop vise mount with automatic opening and closing blocking positions, complete with forged steel 125 mm vise, swivel base and pipe jaws.

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