Racking for a plumber in a Fiat Ducato

The Fiat Ducato illustrated on this page is a low roof version with a beautifully square cargo space and perfectly vertical side walls. This makes it ideal for the installation of racking as there is no need to compensate for walls that slope in at the top, and the complete width of the van can be easily exploited. The Syncro team was therefore happy to fit out this vehicle, which belongs to a heating and plumbing business. Full-height racking was installed along both walls, using all available space to provide a wide range of storage options for spare parts, tools, equipment, and materials of all kinds. Let’s look in greater detail at the job done by Syncro on this plumber’s Ducato.

Protective liners for the Ducato

Syncro produces and installs protective liners for all parts of the Fiat Ducato’s body and for all versions of the van. In fact, Syncro’s range of liners is large enough to satisfy all possible technical and stylistic needs. In this particular van, the floor has been protected by a birch plywood liner with a marble-look surface, as has the bulkhead, which is lined from top to bottom, with a shaped cut-out for the cab window. The side walls and doors are lined with custom-made metal panels in painted sheet metal. On request, Syncro can also supply protective grilles for windows, roof liners and wheel arch covers.

An abundance of storage compartments in this Ducato racking system

The technical solutions that Syncro proposes are always tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs. In this Ducato we can see:
  • Three floor level cabinets with parallelogram action doors. This type of cabinet provides a practical way to exploit the awkward space around wheel arches, creating safe and functional storage for even quite large items of cargo. .
  • 13 metal drawers with automatic retaining mechanisms and quick-release handles, each fitted with a non-slip mat and metal space dividers. Drawers of this kind are ideal for carrying spare parts, small tools and consumables.
  • 5 large, enclosed shelves for carrying various types of material.
  • 3 open shelves at the top of the columns.
  • 3 trays for metal cases. Cases can be used to carry anything from power tools to small parts, depending on requirements, and can be removed and carried to the work site then returned to their trays ready for the next job.
  • series of 15 removable Multibox containers in clear plastic for carrying small spare parts and frequently needed items. Keeping an eye on availability and stock is easy with these containers, thanks to the transparent material (PMMA) from which they are made. PMMA does not fade in the sun and remains perfectly transparent and extremely strong for years to come.

That something extra: accessories in the Ducato

The racking in this Ducato is perfectly complemented by a number of indispensable accessories. On the left: a handwash kit comprising a water canister with tap and a soap dispenser is installed on the left rear door. On the rear of the racking are a cable holder and a rail and strap cargo retaining system for heavy loads. On the right: the rear of the racking is equipped with a paper roll holder and a fold-away vice bench with a built-in support. The other end of the racking at the side door is fitted with a first aid kit and a metal storage rack. Bulkhead: this is home to another metal rail and strap cargo lashing system. This type of accessory can be cut to size to suit locations of any length. Ceiling: two LED ceiling lights have been fitted to improve the Ducato’s interior lighting and to provide excellent illumination for very little energy consumption.





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