A mobile workshop for diesel engine assistance

A mobile workshop for servicing diesel engines

It doesn't take long to convert a simple van into a great mobile workshop, and the job can dramatically improve the looks and functionality of the vehicle and maximise its potential. Just take a look at this Fiat Ducato, fitted out by Syncro System for a company that has been distributing industrial and marine diesel engines internationally for over thirty years. Through authorised local workshops, Bimotor also provides after-sales assistance covering ordinary maintenance and repairs. To work more efficiently and effectively, the company runs a fleet of fully equipped vans, ready to set off whenever called.

Cases, drawers and shelves: nothing left to chance

Nothing has been left to chance in this racking system. Various forms of storage have been provided to keep all the tools, spares and equipment needed for engine servicing in perfect order and readily accessible.
  • Metal cases. Carried in special pull-out trays, these are ideal for carrying small parts and power tools like drills and screwdrivers. Shelving. Closed and open, long and short shelves installed at various heights permit the rapid and secure storage of all kinds of material. Items are kept in place and in order by non-slip rubber mats and metal dividers that form separate horizontal compartments.
  • Transparent containers. These pull-out containers are perfect for carrying small spare parts. Contents are always visible and it’s easy to see when stock is running out.
  • Case retaining strap. An excellent solution for carrying cases of all types and sizes, even non-Syncro models.

The van locker: secure and versatile storage

The van locker installed between the work and storage areas of this Ducato deserves a special mention. The locker is a double door version and comes complete with lock and key and rear air vents, making it ideal for storing work clothes, footwear and anything else the van user wants to keep out of sight. In this particular case, the locker also contains an inverter, which provides a fully stabilised power supply for electric tools and even electronic equipment.

The Ducato’s superbly equipped workshop area

Mechanics often have to carry out repairs and modify parts “on the fly” and need a proper work area to do so. The Ducato illustrated on this page boasts a well-equipped work bench near the rear doors, consisting of a plywood work surface with a sheet steel covering and a practical forged steel vice. The workshop area is illuminated by an LED ceiling light and served by a set of electrical power sockets connected to the on-board inverter installed in the nearby locker.

Other accessories: cleaning and lighting

The van is also fitted with a complete cleaning kit comprising a plastic water can with tap, a liquid soap dispenser and a paper roll holder. The Ducato also features a number of LED ceiling lights that provide excellent interior lighting.

Cargo retaining accessories in the Ducato

The van’s bulkhead, protected by a robust plywood liner, is fitted with two cable holders and a metal rail with various attachments. Two milled rails have been applied in parallel to the floor for use with cargo bars or hooks and straps, providing another useful option for securing cargo.

Van security: a sigh of relief!

Syncro System offers a range of door locks and padlocks for keeping your van safe against thieves and intruders. This diesel engine service’s Ducato is fitted with two ergonomic Saturn Evo locks, one on the rear doors and one on the side door.

Customising your van: your name on the floor

One characteristic detail of this mobile workshop is the lettering on the floor. Syncro has reproduced the customer’s name in aluminium tread plate on the plywood floor liner. This small detail illustrates the amazing opportunities for customisation and personal design that Syncro offer to all van users!





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