A mobile workshop for refrigeration systems in a Fiat Ducato

With a few clever touches, a Fiat Ducato can be turned into a superbly equipped mobile workshop. Just look at the photos in this gallery, showing a van recently fitted out by Syncro System for a customer who repairs commercial and industrial refrigeration systems.  The greatest care was taken over every aspect of this job: there’s no room for mistakes in the confined space of a van! And, though we’ve said it many times before, no two installations are exactly alike unless a customer needs two vans to do the same job! So let’s have a closer look at the liners, racking and accessories of this particular Ducato.

A Ducato with an almost completely lined interior

The cargo compartment of this brand new Fiat Ducato is almost completely lined: the doors and side walls are protected by custom-made painted steel panels and the floor and bottom half of the bulkhead are covered with marble-look plywood liners. So why do we say “almost”? Well, Syncro System can also supply and fit roof liners to give your van a totally homogenous, professional look.

The bulkhead: reinforced to support heavy loads

Special care was taken over the area directly behind the bulkhead. On the floor, the plywood liner is reinforced with a second layer of aluminium tread plate.  A large metal rail has also been fitted so that heavy spares and equipment can be held securely in place on the wear-resistant section of floor.

The Ducato’s racking: shelves, drawers, cases and lockable lockers

The racking in this Ducato consists of four main components: 
  • Open shelves complete with non-slip mats and with the option of fitting internal dividers to create different compartments. 
  • Tilting and removable transparent containers installed at the top of the bulkhead, perfect for carrying small and medium-size spares and sundries. 
  • A van locker complete with lock, shelves or coat hanger bar, great for carrying work clothes, safety shoes and personal effects. 
  • Trays with metal cases. Cases of this type are among the most popular items with van users. They are ideal for carrying (securely and in perfect order) power tools and all the other items of equipment commonly used on site. The dedicated trays are designed to hold them securely in place. .
Also worth noting are the floor-level compartments created by fitting practical fold-down doors.

All the accessories needed to provide technical assistance in the field

In any mobile workshop, having the right accessories can make all the difference. Accessories facilitate repetitive jobs and provide easy access to frequently used tools and equipment. This particular Ducato is equipped with the following:  Cargo retaining accessories: two bar racks, a tool rack with movable clips, a metal pocket and a spray can rack.  A pull-out vice bench sandwiched between two levels of racking on the right wall, simple to set up and just as quick to stow away. When not in used the bench occupies virtually zero space. When open, it is able to support even the heaviest loads.  Paper roll holder: one of Syncro’s most popular cleaning accessories, found in nearly all Syncro mobile workshops and much appreciated by customers.  A basic first aid kit: an accessory no van can do without, containing everything necessary to deal with minor emergencies at work.  LED lights: ceiling lights that ensure excellent illumination under all conditions.

An important detail: an office in the cab!

Whether you work as a tradesman or a freelance professional, your van is going to be your mobile office as well as your workshop. Syncro’s cab organizer is a superbly practical accessory that keeps everything to hand on the seat beside you, probably as you do now, but without the mess under the seats and fascia!  The organiser comes with specially designed pockets for holding catalogues, note pads, stamps, technical drawings, stationery and even soft drink bottles. It also incorporates a practical writing board, a versatile, closable box underneath and a stand for keeping your mobile phone exactly where you need it. The cab organiser is generally fitted to the middle seat, next to the driver, where it is most useful. Don’t miss out on this great idea!





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