A Syncro racking solution for analysing building materials

A Fiat Ducato converted into a laboratory for analysing concrete and asphalt

The Fiat Ducato seen on this page has been transformed into a mobile laboratory for a company that analyses road construction materials. Here is a list of the requirements the customer gave Syncro System:

  • protect the van’s interior in preparation for heavy-duty use as a mobile laboratory
  • provide work benches for weighing, mixing and analysing materials
  • integrate the customer’s own equipment in the Syncro racking
  • ensure a high level of energy autonomy for machines, a compressor, and digital electronic devices

A complete set of liners for the Fiat Ducato

As always, the first step in the project was to line the interior of the van to protect its bodywork against dents and scratches and against damage by accidental spillages of corrosive liquids. Syncro covered the floor and the bulkhead with a marble-look plywood floor liner and protected the walls and doors with painted steel panels. Syncro liners always come cut to size and pre-drilled for the model of van in question, so assembly and installation took only a couple of hours, leaving plenty of time to complete the work of installing the Ducato’s racking and accessories.

Syncro System racking on the left of the Ducato

The racking on the left of the van consists of a floor-level compartment with a lift-up door and four metal drawers with recessed handles. The first series of three drawers is topped by a work surface in marble-look plywood with a raised rear edge. This forms a great work bench for weighing, mixing and materials analysis operations. The small bottom shelf houses a centrifuge for washing and separating the components of asphalt. Overhead is a shelf supported by brackets, with an LED light fixed to the underside to illuminate the work bench. A set of electrical sockets with a switch is within easy reach of the operator to power electrical tools and electronic devices.

Integrating the customer’s equipment in the Syncro racking

One look at the interior of this Fiat Ducato is enough to see that the customer’s materials analysis equipment is fully integrated with the Syncro racking and accessories! This is most evident on the right of the van, where a floor-level compartment with lift-and-rotate door is topped by another work surface and supports two special instruments for performing mechanical tests on building materials. As with the left side, here too we have an overhead shelf that turns an otherwise unused space into practical storage for small and medium size items. The rearward side panel of this racking is fitted with an adjustable bar and strap lashing system that make good use of the awkward space between the racking and the rear door.

Power is no problem thanks to Ecoflow

At the bulkhead, alongside the machine for testing the mechanical properties of materials, Syncro has constructed another work bench using aluminium profiles and a steel top. This strong and easily washable surface also serves to house the van’s Ecoflow Delta Pro power station and additional battery.

The power station can be recharged from the mains and powers all the equipment on board the Ducato, including the LED ceiling lights, via an efficient wiring system. One of the machines connected directly is the compressor, which is located at the top of the bulkhead and held in place by two strong movable brackets on a section of metal bar.

All this… and more besides!

In addition to all the “basic” racking, this van also has a handwash kit and a paper roll holder fixed to the left rear door and LED lights under the roof to illuminate the work area. The bar on the bulkhead is also fitted with sliding hooks.

You can do anything in a Ducato! Just ask Syncro System!

Syncro System transformed this Fiat Ducato into a mobile laboratory for a company that analyses concrete, asphalt and other building materials. Any other make and model of van could have been converted in the same way. Have a chat with the specialists at your nearest Syncro dealer and see what solutions they propose for your own van! If you want to see another racking solution for analysing concrete, look here.

Here you can find various special racking solutions devised by Syncro.





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