Two Syncro Ultra racking solutions for the Ducato L1 H1

Fiat's Ducato L1H1boasts a compact exterior and an extremely square cargo compartment. This makes it the perfect platform for all kinds of racking systems. This page illustrates two different solutions with many features in common: both are by Syncro System; both are based on Syncro Ultra racking and accessories; both are installed in a Fiat Ducato L1H1; and both are quite simple in concept, with racking installed along two sides of the van. Do you own, or are you thinking of buying a Ducato L1H1? If so, the racking systems described on this page might be of interest to you: carry on reading! If you would like to see other Syncro racking solutions for the Ducato, start here. Or to browse through photo galleries of Syncro racking solutions for specific trades and professions, look here.

Liners for the Ducato L1H1

As with all vans, Syncro System transformations for the Ducato L1H1 start with custom-made liners for the floor, walls, doors and roof. Liners and panels come in various materials, all chosen to extend your van’s working life by preventing the dents and scratches that otherwise lead to serious corrosion. Both the vans seen on this page are fitted only with essential bodywork protection: a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface in the first case, and liners for the floor and the bottom half of the bulkhead in the second case. You can find many other ideas for protecting the interior of your Ducato here.

A Fiat Ducato with configurable shelves

This racking system is very simple but extremely practical and versatile too. A total of 12 low configurable shelves have been installed, filling the van’s two side walls. Non-slip mats are included as standard, and the shelves can also be configured into separate compartments using metal dividers. The Ultra side panels, with equally spaced holes all round, allow accessories of various kinds to be installed at any time. And if you need more carrying capacity, Syncro can also fit high-back shelves with taller space dividers.

A Ducato for servicing cogeneration systems

This second photo gallery presents a Ducato L1H1 with racking for a firm that works with cogeneration systems. This solution is slightly more complex than that seen above, but is still almost identical on both sides. Starting from the bottom, we have a floor-level compartment with a door, three low, configurable shelves with back panels and cabinets of pull-out containers in transparent plastic. The floor-level compartment at the front of the left side is equipped with a shuttle-type case transport system consisting of a sliding shuttle and an end plate to support the case in contact with the racking side panel. A fold-away bench with a metal vice is fixed to the rear side panel on the right of the van. This bench folds down in just a few seconds to form a tough and stable work surface for small repair and assembly jobs that need a vice. The bulkhead in this van is fitted with a bar and strap with sliding fittings for securing bulky cargo quickly and safely.Because this accessory is fixed to the bulkhead liner, there is no need to drill holes in the bulkhead itself. Though not seen in these two racking systems, Syncro System also supplies and installs custom-made roof bars, roof racks, ladder slides and pipe carriers for the Ducato L1H1.
Ask your nearest Syncro System racking centre for a no-obligation appointment. You can discuss your needs with our installation team and design the perfect racking solution for your van and your work!





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