A Ducato for servicing electric power panels

A racking system tailored to meet the customer’s needs 

The company that asked us to install a mobile workshop in this Fiat Ducato L2H2 has 25 years of experience in the design and construction of custom-made, low-voltage power panels. With the Syncro System racking shown here, this van can be used to modify and adapt power panels on-site whenever changes are needed, in full compliance with all applicable standards.

Syncro Ultra, for truly custom solutions 

This racking system is an excellent example of how Syncro Ultra components can be used to build practical solutions that really do meet the needs of the customer. The installation seen here makes use of the following three features of the Ultra system: 
  • the ability to assemble racking to any height using side panels of different size and, if necessary, single-hole spacer profiles too 
  • total freedom to install horizontal elements in any combination: drawers, trays, shelves and vice benches can be placed anywhere; the only restrictions are the height of the side panels and the need to ensure functionality; 
  • use of AAT00007 rails, which are specially made for fitting to Ultra side panels without the need for additional holes. 

Wall and floor liners: a guarantee of tidiness and cleanliness

All good racking installations start with proper liners. Protecting the floor and walls of your van extends the life of the cargo compartment by protecting it against dents, scratches, holes and rust.  This Ducato is fitted with a marble-look plywood floor liner. Prepainted steel liners cover the full height of the walls and doors. Even the bulkhead is protected by a plywood liner, which serves as a useful fixing surface for metal rails and cable holders.

Containing and retaining: drawers, shelves and cases 

This Ducato for servicing electric power panels is fitted with some of Syncro System’s most popular products, including:
  • Metal drawers. These incorporate an automatic locking mechanism that holds them shut and prevents accidental opening when the van is moving. 
  • Tilting and removable transparent containers. These are made from PMMA, a super-tough polymer that is also resistant to UVA radiation. The van is fitted with two types of transparent container: pull-out on the left and tilting at the top of the right side. 
  • Open shelves. Syncro open shelves are fitted with non-slip mats and internal space dividers and are the most common racking element for carrying tools and equipment in vans.
  • Case trays and full-length top tray. Case trays are really a type of drawer: they slide on ball-bearing runners and are specially shaped to hold Syncro’s metal and plastic cases. Top trays are a special type of tray with a fold-down access door at the rear. Their length makes them ideal for carrying pipes and other long objects.  
  • Enclosed floor-level compartments. To make full use of all space, even around the wheel arches, lift-and-rotate doors have been fitted to the bottom of the racking, creating practical floor-level compartments. 

Working accessories

To make the daily work of servicing electrical power panels that much easier, this Ducato is fitted with a series of useful accessories:  A pull-out vice bench. Installed in the right side racking, this bench is extremely easy to open and close. It is strong enough to withstand rough handling and serves as a robust work surface.  Racks and holders. The rear of the right side racking is fitted with a spray can rack half way up and a multi-purpose metal rack at the bottom. Two cable holders on the bulkhead can be used to carry cables and hoses.  Cleaning accessories. The left side rear door is fitted with a handwash kit complete with water tank and tap and a liquid soap dispenser.  Super-versatile cargo retaining accessories. A number of AAT00007 rails are fitted to the front edges of the racking side panels. These extremely useful accessories take up no space at all and allow objects of all shapes and sizes to be lashed securely in place using straps and hooks.





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