Two different Ducato racking solutions for plumbers

Two racking systems for plumbers in Fiat Ducatos

The two racking solutions on this page are both installed in Fiat Ducatos but meet the needs of the vehicles’ owners in different ways. Both vans feature bodywork protection, racking on both sides, access ramps and cargo lashing systems on the bulkhead. Let’s take a closer look at both installations.

Liners for the Fiat Ducato

Both these Ducato vans have floor liners in marble-look plywood and Syncro full-height, custom-made, painted steel panelling on the walls and doors. The second of the two also has a marble-look plywood liner protecting the bottom half of the bulkhead. Both vans have the same cargo lashing system on the bulkhead too – a versatile bar and strap with sliding fittings for securing cargo and equipment.

1: The first Ducato racking solution for a plumber, with drawers and plastic containers

This plumber’s Ducato has racking on both sides:

  • On the left, the racking is confined to the area near the bulkhead to leave space free for bulky equipment.
  • On the right, the space available for racking is reduced by the van’s side door.

The Ducato’s drawers and shelves

On the left of the van is a racking column in which the floor-level area is converted into a tool case compartment with a sliding attachment and strap. Over this are eight metal drawers, all of the same height but of different width, and all with non-slip mats in the bottom. At the top are two configurable shelves, also with non-slip mats. These can also be equipped with dividers to create separate compartments. A paper roll holder is fitted to the racking’s rearward side panel.

Shelves of plastic containers in the Ducato

On the right of the van, the racking starts with a floor-level compartment with a full-access door. Over this are five shelves with adapters for removable plastic containers. The bottom two shelves hold five large containers each, the top three nine smaller containers each. The larger containers can be fitted with dividers if needed. A fold-away vice bench with a telescopic leg and a steel vice has been installed on the rearward side panel.

2: The second Ducato racking solution for a plumber: left side

In this second plumber’s Ducato, the left side features two very similar columns of racking consisting of two floor-level compartments, one with a door and the other open, seven configurable shelves and a cabinet of transparent pull-out containers.

Drawers and case trays on the right of the Ducato

The racking on the right of this Ducato starts with a floor-level compartment, five metal drawers, two trays with metal cases and a top shelf. The trays with the metal cases are mounted on ball-bearing runners just like drawers and can be pulled all the way out for easy access. The rearward side panel is fitted with a fold-away vice bench.

Do you need to transform your own Ducato it into a mobile workshop?

This page illustrates just two of the almost infinite number of solutions that Syncro can devise for the Fiat Ducato on the basis of your own requirements. You can find others here.

And you can find plenty of solutions for plumbers in other vans here: Jumper - Movano - Boxer - Partner - NV300 - Transporter- Expert - Caddy - Berlingo - Combo - Sprinter

So don’t waste time. Get in touch now! You can mail us, call us or book a no-obligation appointment with one of our dealers. All Syncro racking solutions are personalised and guaranteed to live up to your expectations!





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