A Fiat Ducato for servicing overhead platforms

A complete racking system in a Ducato used to service overhead platforms

The van transformation seen on this page has a special story behind it. The vehicle’s owners were among our very first customers and we have been fitting out vans for them since 1996. They have never thought of going elsewhere – the best possible testimonial of customer satisfaction!

This particular van is a Fiat Ducato used to service overhead platforms. Given its intended use, the customer asked us to install a workshop area, plenty of storage for tools, spares and equipment and a set of oil tanks. And of course, as a mobile workshop, the van also has to guarantee safe, functional transport to customers’ sites!

Liners for the service engineers’ Fiat Ducato

Before installing the racking, the Syncro System team covered the floor, walls and doors with protective liners. These serve the dual purpose of protecting the bodywork against dents and scratches and providing a strong, even surface for attaching the racking and accessories, eliminating the need to drill into the bodywork beneath. The original floor is covered with a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface and with protective metal edging at the rear and side doors. The same material also covers the bulkhead, while the walls and doors are lined with custom-made painted steel panels.

Syncro’s work area on the left of the Fiat Ducato

The left of this Ducato has been transformed into a work area with all the equipment needed to carry out minor repairs and servicing operations. The floor-level compartments are equipped in different ways to suit their intended functions. The one near the rear doors is enclosed by a lift-up door while the compartment to the front has been left open for maximum flexibility. A practical work bench in marble-look plywood, complete with a raise rear edge is supported by a set of metal drawers and two case trays.

This bench is equipped with a rotating metal vice and served by a second column of racking consisting of more drawers, shelves with non-slip mats and internal space dividers and a large, double-latch locker. Finally, at the top is a shelf with eight removable plastic containers.

Stainless-steel tanks on the right of the Ducato

The racking on the right of the van starts with an enclosed floor-level compartment. Over this are four large stainless-steel oil tanks. These are equipped with taps and level indicators and grouped in asymmetric pairs of 30 and 40 litres. The right side racking also includes three metal drawers and four large configurable shelves with mats and dividers.

Custom-made racking on the Ducato’s bulkhead

The van’s bulkhead is protected by marble-look plywood panels, arranged to follow the contours of the bodywork. This area is equipped with a wooden work surface on a custom framework made from steel profiles. Two sections of steel rail for use with lashing straps are also present, one on the bulkhead itself and the other across the uprights of the work table. These rails can be used to secure cargo behind or under the table. On the floor under the table is an slide that can be used to carry a generator, compressor or any other item of heavy equipment that needs to slide in and out of the van.

Accessories for making the Decato even more functional

This Ducato for servicing overhead platforms is also fitted with accessories to facilitate the work of its crew:

  • a fire extinguisher bracket and paper roll holder on the rearward side panel of the left racking
  • two cleaning accessories on the left rear door: a handwash kit with water tank and tap and a soap dispenser
  • LED ceiling lights for illuminating the interior of the van

Need to transform your own Fiat Ducato? Ask Syncro for a custom racking project!

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Syncro System racking centres can always find the best solution to your needs. Arrange a free chat now to explain what you are looking for and decide on a racking system that is fully personalised for your own van and needs!





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