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What’s the best van for you? One customised to meet your needs! 

Ever since Syncro System introduced Ultra van racking, the keyword for all Syncro installers has been “customisation”. Ultra racking has eliminated all restrictions on how horizontal elements can be combined and permits an infinite number of racking and accessory combinations. This means that the even most unique customer requirements can be satisfied by a personalised, innovative racking system! The photos on this page illustrate a small Fiat Doblò with Ultra racking for a company that specialises in the installation and servicing of heating systems and heat and electricity cogeneration systems.

The arrangement of space inside the Doblò

Don’t be fooled by the Doblò’s compact dimensions: the space inside can be used in many different ways and adapted to suit the van’s daily use. 

  • Only liners. Fitting just floor and bodywork liners gives you a highly functional van with an interior that resists dents and scratches, is unaffected by humidity and sunlight, and is completely free for intensive loading and unloading operations. 

  • Liners + cargo retaining systems. All the advantages of the above plus the ability to lash cargo and equipment securely in place. 

  • Racking on one side only. A great way to kill two birds with one stone: plenty of space for working or carrying cargo in the van plus tidy, well-organised storage for all your tools and spares. 

  • Racking on both sides and, if required, on the bulkhead too. The most complete type of installation with an abundance of compartments for carrying everything you could possibly need for your work. Tidiness and efficiency are guaranteed! 

The case in point: racking on one side only

The Doblò that shown in the photos on this page was first fitted with a marble-look plywood floor liner and then fitted with racking along just one of its side walls. 
The two adjacent columns of racking are practically identical though the inside one is slightly narrower. At floor level are open compartments with hook and strap retaining systems. Further up are large metal drawers. Above these are sets of pull-out transparent containers. We can also see a pull-out vice bench complete with a steel vice, a spray can rack and a top shelf that runs the full length of the racking.

Security on the road! 

As the fourth photo clearly shows, the owner of this van also requested a security lock for the side door. This extra lock features a defender cylinder and affords excellent protection against theft. The lock is simple and intuitive to use and provides added security for any valuable equipment carried on board.

Roof bars

This Fiat Doblò is also fitted with roof bars to expand its cargo carrying capacity. Thanks to Syncro’s innovative Ultrasilent profile, these bars guarantee a comfortable, noise-free and vibration-free ride for the driver and passengers! Find out more about Syncro System roof racks here!